Use apps to control your sleep!

It has long been known that for many workers Monday mornings are a nightmare. Return to their daily routine can be really depressive, especially when the weekend was full of entertainment and impressions. Those, who has put out of order their cycle of living, feel it even more.

During everyday living, brain becomes accustomed and remembers specific schema of daily activities. When it comes to the Saturday and the Sunday, most of us spend them completely different from the other days. It seems obvious that the weekend evenings are reserved for catching up on social. This is not the time to think about the subsequent inconvenience...Unfortunately, we’ll feel it the morning. The key to eliminate these weekend problems is understanding the sleep and learning to control it.
Research done by scientist from National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke show that during the night brain is the most active part of your body. The sleep cycle is divided into 4 stages and REMphase (named stage 5), when the dreaming occurs.Learning how to control sleep is really difficult and long-lasting process.  Engagement, motivation, mobilization are features you need to come up with it. Sometimes it can be impossible, especially in case of changeable shift workers, frequent voyages and connected with them jet lag.  But I can suggest certain solution for that problem - mobile applications that can control sleep.Mobile apps that I’ve mentioned  use the motion sensors in smartphone to track movements while one is asleep, then estimates stage of sleep of an user.  They have possibility of programming  the alarm for the latest time a person like to wake up, and the app measure when the sleep is the lightest around that time, to calmly break it.Some apps can even remember detailed long-term history that help recognize patterns in a sleep, and make suggestions what to eat, what to avoid before bedtime or what sleep-promoting exercises effect, to increase quality of the sleep.
  1. DREAM
According to the graphic above (5 stages of sleep cycle) the dreams occur during the REM phase.  It is the most valued stage during all sleep cycle, because it stimulates the brain regions used in learning, what is really important for normal brain development and for learning of certain mental skills. One study shows that people taught a skill and then deprived of REM sleep couldn’t recall what they had learned after sleeping.Nightmares during REM phase sometimes reduce significantly amount of slept time. I’m sure you sometimes wake up in sweat, because of horrible zombies haunting you. It’s 2 a.m and you feel angry, awoken, with sad perspective of going to work in 5 hours. You should be dreaming about holidays that time.To eliminate such unpleasant situations, some companies produce special mobile applications that let people influence their dreams. The users can even feel like in Disney dreamworks.
Doubtlessly, the most significant stage in the learning of sleep cycle is, so difficult to achieve, regularity. Organism should sleep the same amount of time every night and the hours of falling asleep and waking up should be constant, or very similar. As I’ve mentioned before, it can be often impossible.If you want to feel fully relaxed and really happy every morning, you can try to learn of regularity or use mobile applications. Not only learning a sleep cycle, but also making a dream pleasant - here are main advantages.As the application producers, developers and providers, we rely on them and we fully trust companies that realize similar projects. Mobile apps facilitate our being and they are really helpful in the matters of everyday life like conferences, events, dreams, prays, voyages and many more numberless things.Perhaps next Monday will be completely different!
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