Wampiriada – rescue app

The intention of saving someone’s life is great and noble and realization of it can manifest in blood donating.

There are countless hospitals, buses, blood donating centers, that willingly host volunteers of this beautiful initiative. Blood donors can often support banks during blood donating actions organized by many associations.

Wampiriada, one of the most popular actions organized by NZS (Independent Students’ Association gathering active students in the largest Polish cities), annually gathers volunteers willing to donate blood. This year they can use mobile application designed specially to this precious event.

Premiere of Wampiriada application converged with 34 anniversary of the NZS. The association used the mobile technology during the action of blood donating  as first all over the World.

We have the great honor to work for one of the largest actions of blood donating in Europe. We designed a set of modules to best meet the needs of the volunteers and to make the action really effective.

The mobile app users have an access to News module. They are always up to date with news from Facebook Wampiriada fanpage. The organizers of Wampiriada will send notifications whenever blood will be needed, or when another action will start. The application informs about particular blood group, that is sought, and you can immediately react!

Wampiriada application will have an access to many useful Maps. Universities, where the actions take place, blood donating buses, points and hospitals –  all these spots are marked on them. Thanks to the  Wampiriada application, you can easily find the nearest point and give your blood to save someone’s life.

Do you want check your knowledge about the students life? Blood donating initiative or a marrow? Quiz, one of the application module is ideal solution. It contains questions that will expand the horizons and will improve your knowledge. On the occasion of 25 anniversary of Wampiriada, special award guaranteed!

Do you want to keep in touch with the organizes all the year, not only during the action? Use the Contact Form in Wampiriada application. Participants and well-wishers of  blood donating actions can easily contact with the organizers any time.

wampiriada-rescue-appSurvey module can be used for gathering information about the course of action, comments and ideas of Wampiriada participants. It’s also a place where Sponsors can collect data of their interest. We – Meeting Application, too, want to diligently ask a few questions about the application in Surveys. Such feedback would be helpful in planning subsequent versions and upgrades. We predict a draw of the prize for users that will fill the questionnaire!

Consultants – this module contains several profiles of people and institutions, with whom the user can contact via the application. Message sent by it, goes directly to e-mail address assigned to the consultant profile. The application users can quickly write an email to specific institution. Maybe you want to use this channel of communication?

All materials on the topic of Wampiriada: photos, posters, archive and actual placards can be presented in the Gallery module. Share your stocks and interests!

There is special feature in the Wampiriada application, that will make facebook fans happy. Images taken by the  participants will be collected in the Competition Gallery. Then, each captured image will be visible on Facebook wall of an attendee.

Wampiriada application is available for Android and iOS platform. Download the app and be a part of the Wampiriada success.
Blood donating is a great initiative. Thanks to Wampiriada application, more and more people decide to help and give blood. Join them!

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