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Businesses are increasingly using mobile applications: about 84%  Polish companies consider implementing custom mobile applications. About 47% have already implemented or is doing it now. Dissemination of mobile applications shows that Polish companies believe that mobility could bring business benefits.

In case of currently used smartphones and tablets 65 % respondents expect increased productivity. An increase about 69% in the deployment of mobile applications was observed. In addition, about 71% respondents use mobile devices to perform critical business applications.

The evidence shows that the mobility hit the mainstream. The application is designed to facilitate navigation during the exhibitions and meetings. This was case of hall of the International Fair of Equipment, Technology and Services for Trade Retail Show 2013. It provides information about the exhibitors, workshops and the agenda of the conference.

Thanks to the mobile app users can feel comfortable during the fair. They can easily find the stands of exhibitors or arrange a meeting with them. It is also possible to exchange business cards with other participants and to create the plan the day and share the activity via Facebook. Moreover, users of the application have the opportunity to participate in competitions with prizes!

Citrix Receiver works in the operating system of Microsoft and many other platforms as Android, iOS, Chrome OS or BlackBerry. Built-in MDX separates the private from business applications. Businessman have on his device two separate environment – one for work and the other for personal use.

This tool offers a number of security measure to protect data:

  •  applications run in a secure container,
  •  communication with the corporate network via a VPN connection.

Citrix Receiver has now new features.

  • Citrix ShareFile was designed for file sharing. It has a feature on-demand synchronization with XenDesktop. In addition, the File Share StorageZones mechanism gives users the opportunity to choose where data will be stored.
  • WorkMail and WorkWeb applications are to enhance the security of mobile working.

Another novelty, RemotePC is a tool for remote access to a physical PC from. This application allow to control PC over Bluetooth or Wi-FI. Users have an access to a computer’s desktop and use your favorite programs from distance.

Software GoToMeeting is a version of business application for iPad. It allows users to use their tablet as a tool to manage conference. GoToMeeting is edsigned for video conferencing, arranging meetings and file sharing. Application users can view the meeting on the screen.

The MobileOfficeAps allows users to work and participate in meetings. Users can open, view, and edit documents in Word, Excel and PowerPoint files on iPhones, Android phones and Windows Phone handsets.

In today’s reality, an event participant is equipped with a modern smartphone or tablet. It is time to make materials available in the mobile form. The standard functionalities of the applications are:

  • basic information about the event schedule speeches / events,
  • exhibitor information,
  • information about sponsors,
  • maps,
  • contact details.

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