4 why's of winning on conference

I could start with the infamous phrase that made the whole world laugh for a little while: “Duh? Winning!”. It’s quite stupid, I know… But the question is, why Charlie Sheen was so desperate to show the whole world that he was winning even when we all knew, that he was in a bad situation? That’s because we generally love winners.

What’s funny is that most of humans like to pull for the underdog, but ultimately always admire winners. That’s why we’re only interested in the best musicians, the biggest movies, the best conference apps, best conference networking tools and so on… From the top of my head I can think of at least 3 reasons, why people like winning so much.

First and foremost winning simply feels good. There is nothing you can compare to the sense of accomplishment. Someone would say, that you can accomplish something even by yourself, be proud of it and nobody needs to know about it… And that’s true. But no matter what you do, it’s always better to have other people celebrate your achievement with you.

Maybe I have a different perspective because I’ve trained different sports over the years and I simply love to show someone that I’m better… But I guess that majority of human beings build their confidence with a win. Not to mention major bragging rights. We want to know, that we did something better than somebody else did.

If you make an event management application, we need to feel that ours is better. When you make a mobile conference application, we’ll do our best to make sure, that people will call our product the unique conference app. Then and only then we can feel the sense of victory. And we will give ourselves a pat on the back…

Beside the “feel-good effect” winning makes every struggle worth it… No matter how much you had to sacrifice, how much did you put into your work, how low and tired it made you feel – when you win it’s all just a fading memory. You can brag about your hard work and your spiritual strength.

Just imagine a team of people working tirelessly to produce some kind of event app. They work long hours, forget how their children look like, barely eat and sleep. Do you think that they’ll do it again if the fruit of their labor will not be recognized as the best event app? I think not.. I think it works the same when it comes to competitions during a conference.

If someone wins – automatically that person thinks that it was all worth it. Waking up early, paying attention during the presentations, giving your best during the competition. That person will probably try to win every competition henceforth. But on the other hand, guys that lose will form two groups. First group will be discouraged and not compete again. Second group will become even more determined to win next time…

Third reason, why winning is so good for us is also quite obvious – winners are remembered. All you have to do is win one time, and you’ll be remembered as a winner. If you win enough times you’ll form something we like to call “legacy”. Think about Michael Jordan. Do you see his 6 championship rings and famous icon showing him in flight or his last years in Washington Wizards and he’s career in golf ? Of course you see him as a winner. No matter how many people try to explain to you his shortcomings, you’ll still say – “but in the end he won”.

That is something we all want. Even when we participate in a conference. When we’re surrounded by strangers, we want those strangers to remember us as winners. That’s another reason why we feel the need to win competitions during conferences. And it’s pretty normal.

Don’t forget about the perks of being a winner. You get your prize and trust me some people like to win only because of the prize 😉 I have a friend that played street basketball with me. Every time I called to inform him about upcoming streetball tournament his first question to me was “are there gonna be some cool prizes?”.Even if we won the whole thing but we got some lame T-Shirts or “not so professional” basketball gear – he was not happy.

When we talk about a competition during a conference it’s not only about the prize, you’ll get attention. Someone might get interested in you and may for example offer you a job or something. Last but not least – winning is sexy and everybody likes to feel sexy ;))

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