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Event sponsorship opportunities are designed to benefit both parties involved. With the number of available channels, one can pour his promotional budget into these days, sponsors can be picky. If they’re going to pay, they expect great value in return. Here’s a double whammy for any event planner – not only do you have to pinpoint relevant sponsor prospects, you also have to present them with options worth spending money on. Dip into the sponsor exposure ideas I gathered and go try them.

If you’re running a major, recurring event, you may see sponsors approach you for a chance to partner. More likely, though, you’ll take the initiative and reach out to a number of sponsor prospects in order to win them for your show.

Make sure you come prepared with something extra. Placing the sponsor’s logo on the event site may just not cut it.

Since our readership and the type of events they organize is diverse, I’ve brought a bag of ideas for you to pick and choose from. Go through the list to get inspired before sending your next sponsorship pitch.

Prime real estate

Let’s start with some basics you may have unjustly overlooked. For a sponsor, being able to occupy prime real estate at the venue is extremely valuable. Having a strategically located booth or a display with full freedom of design will go a long way. Such physical presence is a demonstration of importance and will surely leave an impression on all participants.

Creative insert

One popular practice at events is handing out gift bags to visitors. These usually include a bunch of printed materials from the organizer, but also items from one or more sponsors. Your newly acquired partners could provide branded flash drives with some engaging media, coupon codes, or product samples – anything that’s not cheesy and will get the event participants excited.

Good ‘ole speech

Great speeches are event evergreens. This is an opportunity for the sponsor to step into the spotlight and develop the right kind of perception of his business among the audience. As the organizer, you should work with the speaker on making the message non-salesy and getting the listeners inspired instead. Also, make sure to determine and offer the event’s prime-time for this kind of exposure.

Using the PA system

These days, we’re so bombarded with visual forms of promotion that many of us have developed a certain level of resistance to them. Utilizing the venue’s public address system may be a refreshing alternative. Besides, people can easily turn their gaze away from a screen, but how many of them will purposely cover their ears to not hear the message being broadcasted?

Sell the naming rights to a contest

Contests are another popular elements of various events. They usually have their own names, but if you sold the naming rights to a sponsor? Sure, this is rather unusual but isn’t originality and the opportunity to stand out really sought after by sponsors? An extra boon is that, obviously, all the contest-related materials – both in print and digital – will include your partner’s name as well.

Sponsored white paper

White papers build authority, position one as an expert. A recap of a conference emailed to everyone who signed up for the event is a great sponsor exposure opportunity. It’d be best if the document wasn’t just “presented by ACME”, but was actually developed by people involved with the organization or the business in question.

Mobile app

This may be the most interesting and limitless of all the sponsor exposure ideas discussed here. How well you’ll be able to utilize an event app for this purpose will be defined by your creativity and your developers’ skills. You can update participants about the sponsor, encourage them to visit his booth or website, send special, time-limited deals, etc.

Final word

When searching for sponsors, don’t just go with anyone who’s ready to pay. Make sure the organization resonates with the audience. Your business partner will expect at least some level of possible return on their investment.

Event participants have to get familiar with the names of the sponsors in advance unless you’re doing some sort of a special reveal at the show.

Surely, there are many other ways to get a sponsor involved. My goal was to provide some ideas for you to build on and adjust to your particular circumstances. Care to share how you were able to attract sponsors in the past? Which of the methods discussed will come in handy for you?

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