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It’s a fact that one of the areas in which mobile solutions best work is the party market. Meeting Application is responsible for some of the best mobile apps for events, and have now developed one for WOW. The mobile solution has achieved great results! We’ve done it for the community of students that gather annually on WOW to start the academic year in extravagant style and to say goodbye to their holidays.

The more technologically advanced we are, the better flow of information we experience. This year, organizers ensured WOW attendees were given the most modern solution - the WOW mobile application for iOS and Android. It is totally free and partygoers can even use it offline to check the most important event news. WOW is organized in 3 different towns, and Meeting Application designed separate apps for each event venue.

WOW-app-menuSave time and easily access basic information on the WOW app – what it is, why, when and where ... The organizers really care about you and have put some really useful notes in there. The application is a modern solution for this area and it has features important for these kinds of events. Spend all night – in clubs, on the move – and all the time accessing fresh news.

Meeting Application mobile solution reserves areas especially for artists and brands - they can create unique images and spread them to a wide audience. Companies organizing fire shows, fluo parties, traffic light parties, karaoke, caricature drawing...all of them can promote their special offers and the many attractions they provide. We support WOW cooperating with clubs and artists. You can check the attractions organizers have prepared for you and there’s no need to miss any of the strange or curious activities that you can afford yourself only during the event!

WOW-app-attractionsBefore, during and after the event, students taking photos can enter them in the photo gallery contest. Later, they can boast about them by sharing on social media. Users can take advantage of not only their own gallery, but the photos of all application users. Don’t be afraid if your photo isn’t the greatest. But it’s worth trying your best – perhaps the organizers have arranged some kind of prize for the best photo?

Feel the great climax of events adjusted to your needs! Thanks to WOW mobile application users can better plan their evening and adapt it to their preferences. Clubs are marked on maps with a brief description (climax, type of music they play and bar promotions…). In the app you make all the choices and so you have access to the news that’s relevant to you.

WOW-app-clubsWithout them WOW wouldn’t exist...sponsors and partners are significant players in the event machina. You can read in the app who they are, what is the area of their activity and link to their profiles in social media. Such organizations as NZS, AIESEC, sport and music clubs are great supporters – we are all grateful they exist.

Do you want to be up to date with everything that’s going on WOW? Know the attractions and the club addresses? Nothing easier - download the WOW mobile application and enjoy your time!


Feel WOW on WOW.

What do you think about the application? Let us know in the comments below.

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